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There is backlash in one of my ballscrews but the screw itself looks to be in good condition. I was considering to try to replace the balls myself to keep the cost down. Would you recommend it?
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I put a new ballscrew in the table slide of my machining center but I still have backlash. Why is that?
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I have a laser cutter with a ballscrew that is approximately 1.250 inch diameter and 12 foot long. It is time for me to have the unit reconditioned and I was thinking of taking it out of the machine and reinstalling it myself. Is there any special way to approach this and are there pitfalls to be avoided?
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I had a new ballscrew installed in my machine two years ago and although it is positioning OK it is starting to make a noise again. How long should a ballscrew last in a turning center?
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A ball screw on one of my machines locked up and on inspection some of the balls have split in two pieces. Why did this happen?
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I want to adjust the gibs for the slides on one of my machines. How will I know if the slide is adjusted correctly? Will I have to disconnect the ballscrew and servo motor and push the slide or can I do it assembled?
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The turkite has started to come unglued on a machine I am trying to rebuild. I am considering replacing it and wonder if doing so would cause problems when the ball screw is reinstalled. I know the ball screw should to be aligned accurately but just how precise does it need to be?
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