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FREE SHIPPING ..................... Call Toll Free  800-711-2153

The Express Ball Screw Repair Company now offer free return shipping on all ball screws reconditioned by us. This offer covers all ball screws but excluding those required to be shipped freight.
(Note: Express Ball Screw Repair Company reserves the right to ship using a different parcel or freight company, but will try to match the same shipping schedule.)

Free return shipping is especially valuable to our customers west of the Mississippi because of the distances involved - only having to pay one-way makes shipping to Express Ball Screw Repair in Cleveland, Tennessee, more cost effective.

The following destinations qualify for FREE Return Shipping from Express Ball Screw Repair.

Alabama      AL.
Arizona      AZ.
Arkansas      AR.
California      CA.
Colorado      CO .
Connecticut      CT.
Delaware      DE.
Florida      FL.
Georgia      GA.
Idaho      ID.
Illinois      IL.
Indiana      IN.
Iowa      IA.
Kansas      KS.
Kentucky      KY.
Louisiana      LA.
Maine      ME.
Maryland      MD.
Massachusetts      MA.
Michigan      MI.
Minnesota      MN.
Mississippi      MS.
Missouri      MO.
Montana      MT.

Nebraska      NE.
Nevada      NV.
New Hampshire      NH.
New Jersey      NJ.
New Mexico      NM.
New York      NY.
North Carolina      NC.
North Dakota      ND.
Ohio      OH.
Oklahoma      OK.
Oregon      OR.
Pennsylvania      PA.
Rhode Island      RI.
South Carolina      SC.
South Dakota      SD.
Tennessee      TN.
Texas      TX.
Utah      UT.
Vermont      VT.
Virginia      VA.
Washington      WA.
West Virginia      WV.
Wisconsin      WI.
Wyoming      WY.


- Express -
Ball Screw Repair

112 Price Cir.
Ringgold, GA. 30736

Phone: (423) 559-2153
Fax: (423) 559-1044

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Shipping Address

Our shipping address is:
Express Ball Screw Repair

112 Price Cir.
Ringgold, GA. 30736.

Phone: (423) 559-2153
Fax:      (423) 559-1044

You can call, e-mail or just ship direct to Express Ball Screw Repair (for Priority Service please call ahead)

We usually receive deliveries via UPS or FedX before 12 noon EST. and can ship UPS until 7pm weekdays.

About Packing:
After your ball screw has been through the reconditioning process it is a precision device that needs adequate protection while in transport. To reduce your final cost it is advisable to ship the unit in a suitable package, with the heavier units receiving extra attention. If we have to build a custom crate for your ballscrew we will need to pass the extra cost on to you.


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