Ball Screw Repair

Introducing you to our
precision ball screw repair service.

Supplying rebuilt ballscrews to industry for over 20 years

Second to none in Quality,

Fast Turnaround and Competitive Price.

Quality: Our ball screws are rebuilt with super fine surface finishes and quality components for long life. They are individually pre-loaded to give the highest possible positioning accuracy. They look and perform as they did when new.
We can recondition any make, type and pitch of ball screw, inch or metric up to 6" dia. x 144" long.
It really does make sense to repair the precision ball screws that are installed in most types of CNC equipment. Because they are expensive to replace and often a special order item from the manufacturer, a rebuilt ballscrew can significantly lower your downtime and maintenance cost. It can be expected that our rebuilt ballscrews will double their useful service life for a fraction of the cost of a new unit. Additionally, they carry a one year service guarantee equaling the original manufacturers replacement.

Turnaround Time: Express Ball Screw Repair can offer varying levels of service depending on your needs and urgency. Our priority service is second to none in turnaround time (usually 2-3 working days) with no sacrifice to quality or accuracy. You can also opt for a planned repair to fit your regular maintenance schedule which will insure minimum downtime and loss of production. We even offer an emergency weekend service. Or, if there is no immediate urgency you can use our regular service that returns your ballscrew in less than 10 working days.

Cost: Cost to rebuild a unit varies depending on size, condition, design and turnaround time but even the most expensive repair will cost appreciably less than a new unit. We want your business and recognize the need for competitive pricing. You can ship the unit for a free evaluation and exact repair cost or we can give you an estimated cost over the phone. 

For a cost estimate call:  (423) 559-2153

Or ship  to: Express Ballscrew Repair  112 Price Cir. Ringgold, GA. 30736.

Or e-mail:

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